Solutions: Cut TDI to Molded MDI Foam

Foam Production

Foam Production

The Challenge

Cut TDI foam has a number of setbacks. This particular piece, for example, required that three individual shapes be cut from two different thicknesses of material, glued together to form a rough cushion, and then shaped for comfort in assembly.

Our Solution

Royal Technologies developed a one-piece molded MDI foam cushion. Because the MDI cushion is molded to shape, upholstery is much easier and faster. Additionally, MDI foam doesn’t lose its form like TDI, so the finished product stays comfortable longer.

Technical Details

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Previous Situation

  • Purchased TDI slab stock in 2 thicknesses.
  • (3) defined shapes are individually cut.
  • Pieces are glued together.
  • Final cushion curvature is created through upholstery operation via labor intensive pulling, tucking and stapling of the fabric.
  • TDI foam system shows loss of compression set over time causing fabric wrinkling and loss of comfort.

Our Solution

  • One piece molded MDI foam cushion
  • Net shape is designed into part for easier and faster upholstery operation.
  • Upper raised flange is molded in place to eliminate thin layer of padding used to soften transition to substrate.
  • No adhesive is needed.
  • Training time for upholstery is 30% faster due to net shape.

Solution Benefits

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