File Compressor Conversion

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The Challenge

For many applications, plastic offers several of the advantages of steel with none of the disadvantages. One company asked us to look at the viability of converting their file compressor, which helps to minimize the space files take up in a file drawer, from steel to plastic.

Our Solution

Royal Technologies designed a prototype, injection-molded ABS plastic file compressor. In addition to meeting every performance requirement, our proposed compressor weighs less than 30% of its steel counterpart at roughly 70% of the cost.


Cost vs. Original Cost


Total Weight Reduction

Technical Details

Previous Situation

  • 3 Separate metal stampings
  • Assembled by Secondary slide and snap fit.
  • Powder Coated finish
  • Weight:¬†0.660 kilograms

Functionality Goals

  1. To provide a means of compressing files into a smaller space in the file drawer
  2. To allow the user to adjust the position of the file compressor incrementally along the length of the drawer
  3. To support one side of file folders that are hung lengthwise in the drawer (60 lb requirement).

Our Solution

  • Single component
  • Injection molded in ABS plastic.
  • No additional finishing or assembly operations are required
  • Shipped to customer in finished state.
  • Weight:¬†0.175 kilograms¬†