Solutions: Arm Assembly Redesigned

Redesigned Arm

Redesigned Arm

Redesigned Arm

Redesigned Arm

The Challenge

A well-known furniture manufacturer asked us to take a look at the arm for a new flagship chair model. Initial prototypes did not meet the necessary strength requirement, were too expensive to produce, and were too difficult to assemble.

Our Solution

Royal Technologies redesigned several of the components and re-quoted purchased parts at local suppliers. In addition to improving the product’s strength and ease of assembly, we reduced the total number of components and lowered total production costs by nearly 15%. 

Technical Details

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Previous Situation

  • First pieces from the production tooling did not meet standards for strength.
  • Arm Assembly cost was above price targets
  • Number of components: 24
  • Arm was very difficult to assemble

Our Solution

  • Redesigned (7) components for ease of manufacturing and increased strength (additional design and tooling investment of 11%)
  • Requoted purchased parts at local suppliers for a 12% savings
  • Overall Assembly cost reduced by 14.7%
  • Number of components reduced by (2) down to 22
  • At Product Launch the assembly passed all of the original strength tests

Solution Benefits

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