Zody Chair Back Assembly

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The Challenge

Good design is integral to the furniture industry—not only in appearance, but structurally as well. One client asked us to take their prototype design for a revolutionary new task chair and make it production-ready.

Our Solution

The final design weighed less than 30% of the original while maintaining all of its original functionality. In addition, we were able to lower the cost by roughly 30% and improve the piece’s overall aesthetics.


Cost vs. Original Cost


Weight Reduction

Technical Details

Initial Concept Design

  • 2 piece structural frame
  • Flexible ring sewn to fabric
  • Ring / Fabric sub-assembly manually tucked into frame groove
  • Visible mechanical fasteners attaching upright to frame

Our Solution

  • Mesh fabric ultrasonically bonded to inner frame
  • Inner frame/fabric are welded to outer frame
  • Unique and patented back assembly process
  • No visible fasteners
  • Variable tension in different zones of back