Design & Development

(Imagination + Creativity)process = Innovation

It’s not until you find a way to make them work that imagination and creativity pay off. That’s why we have an entire team dedicated to developing forward-thinking solutions. How do we do it? By putting the most advanced technology and innovative materials in the hands of the best minds in our industry.

Set apart from the rest of our operations, our SWAMP began as a corner of the shop. But as our customers (and the complexity of their needs) have grown, so too has our SWAMP.

Today it’s its own department, complete with prototyping facilities, a tool room, and validation and testing equipment—everything we need to develop quick and inexpensive prototypes designed to work within the end product or system. We work to “fail fast, learn fast”. If an idea doesn’t work, we’ll learn from its failures and move on to our next one. If it shows potential, we’ll explore it further to distil the best—the right—solution.

Delivering Results

Our customers come to us with questions. We deliver results. And in order to ensure the absolute best value for our customers, our design processes include VA/VE, FEA, DFMEA/PFMEA and APQP.


College for Creative Studies

Our sponsorship of the College for Creative Studies MFA Design Graduate Studio class reinforces our commitment to better understanding our customers’ industries and devising solutions to problems that they haven’t even encountered yet.

Because whether we’re working on your problem or tackling ones we haven’t faced yet, asking questions and pioneering new materials and processes in our SWAMP allows us to offer the most advanced solutions on the market.