Solutions: Zody Chair Back Assembly

Zody Chair

Zody Chair

The Challenge

Good design is integral to the furniture industry—not only in appearance, but structurally as well. One client asked us to take their prototype design for a revolutionary new task chair and make it production-ready.

Our Solution

The final design weighed less than 30% of the original while maintaining all of its original functionality. In addition, we were able to lower the cost by roughly 30% and improve the piece’s overall aesthetics.

Technical Details

Initial Concept Design Our Solution Downloads

Initial Concept Design

  • 2 piece structural frame
  • Flexible ring sewn to fabric
  • Ring / Fabric sub-assembly manually tucked into frame groove
  • Visible mechanical fasteners attaching upright to frame

Our Solution

  • Mesh fabric ultrasonically bonded to inner frame
  • Inner frame/fabric are welded to outer frame
  • Unique and patented back assembly process
  • No visible fasteners
  • Variable tension in different zones of back

Solution Benefits

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Zody Chair Back Assembly

Zody Chair

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